Why The Samovar? 

The samovar (pronounced sam-o-waar) was an important facet of Afghan society. It defined the structural space of Afghan chai houses, where Afghans would gather to discuss, argue, and share ideas. An analog chatroom from yesteryear. In these chai houses and around the Samovar was built a loosely-connected, yet still powerful, communication network that both unified the country of Afghanistan and illuminated the many rifts it suffered.

While that network of chai houses, wordsmiths, and storytellers may have been disrupted with the decades of war since Daoud Khan's time, the Samovar is still a potent symbol. Ostensibly a water boiler, the Samovar is so much more. It signifies a place to meet and discuss ideas old and new, to share information and build towards something better than what we have now.

That is the purpose of The Samovar Network, and what is hoped to be achieved through the discussions that come. Join us as we strive for a better future, without losing sight of our heritage's past.

-Reza Hessabi