Afghan-American Conference 2019

In this episode of The Samovar Network Podcast, our host Dawoud Waziri interviews Sultana Mangal and Alexandra Millatmal about the 5th annual Afghan-American Conference. This year was the first year Sultana and Alexandra attended, and during the interview they discuss their initial reactions, favorite sessions, and share some stories of their conference experiences. For those of you who haven’t gone to an Afghan-American Conference this is a great way to learn through others experiences at their first conference, and for those of you who have gone you can compare your experiences with Sultana and Alexandra’s!

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Afghan-American Playbook: Funerals & Fatyas

What do styrofoam cups and Costco runs have to do with funerals? Join TSN for the kick-off of their new series, 'The Afghan-American Playbook', a part of the TSN podcast that focuses on the different ways Afghans in the U.S. navigate cultural rituals & traditions.

In the inaugural episode, Nura and Diz co-host and talk funerals and fatyas. The grief, the cultural practices and the chaos Afghan families bring to the process. They are joined by Dr. Iman Ahmad-Sediqe, a sociologist and ethnographer from Northwestern University. Iman discusses her fieldwork on Northern California Afghans, offering insight to the cultural and religious meanings of the grieving process, while Dawoud walks us through the story of a recent funeral in his family, including the styrofoam cup controversy.

What's Sex Got To Do With It?

What happens when you get two Political Scientists and an unsuspecting cohost? While this sounds like the beginnings of a bad dad joke, this episode is an important exploration of gender, sexuality and identity in the Afghan diaspora. Political Scientist Dr. Qais Munhazim joins as the featured guest with hosts Weiss Hamid and Nura Sediqe. Qais discusses the different ways we discuss gender, and how war and the repercussions of trauma influence how toxic masculinity emerges within our local community spaces. Finally, we find out the real answer to the question of what he likes better: pie or cake?

"How Dare You Google Me!" -Nelufar Hedayat

Journalist Nelufar Hedayat joins TSN to discuss Afghans in the UK, being a woman of color in media, what her mom thinks of some of the dangerous situations she's been in, and her dark and magical past.  We also talk about some of her fascinating projects, and her role in the new Doha Debates.  Finally, we premiere a new trivia game.  How did Nelufar do?  Tune in and find out!

The Gender Knot

Host of The Gender Knot podcast and BBC Journalist Nastaran Tavakoli-Far joins The Samovar Network to discuss #MeToo, Male "feminists", and why she doesn't think women should be too helpful to men right now. How do you apologize? What is men's role in the #MeToo era? How does her identity as an Iranian-Brit influence conversations around gender? Tune in to hear our discussion on all these topics and more. The Gender Knot was named one of Time Magazines '50 Best Podcasts to Listen to Right Now'.

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"Smashing the Stigma"

In this interview we chat with Murtaza Aliyar aka Afghanima aka Mookz aka Mookie aka some other interesting names. We talk about cultural stigma regarding addiction, family members’ reactions, and how he continues to help community members with their own struggles. On the way, we learn a little more about tattoos, poop-brown suits, and helicopter dancing. And of course we ask about the shared Afghan experience of returning clothes.

Burqas & Beer

In this interview we talk to Madinah Wardak, the woman behind Burqas & Beer, and one of our newest TSN members. We try to find out, is online Madinah the real Madinah? She talks about her conflicted feelings towards the blog name, the negative and positive reactions to it, and what it’s like to be an outspoken Afghan woman on social media. Most importantly, we hear about the shared traumatic experience amongst many Afghan children: returning clothes with your mom. 

Special guest appearance: barking dog in the background

Motherland Reports

Madinah and Omar sat down with journalist Ali Latifi to discuss the Afghan parliamentary elections, the killing of one of the most prominent commanders in the country, and the 7th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan. We learned how voting is an act of heroism and resistance, and gained insight into what’s happening in the country from a journalist reporting directly on the ground in Kabul.

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Fresh Off the Pitch

Melees, Melas, Matches, and Mantu. It’s all part of the Afghan-American soccer fabric. In this episode, Nura & Omar interview Kamran Faizi of the Afghan Football Support Organization (AFSO). He was one of the founding members of the Afghan Soccer League in 1995 and an instrumental figure to the growth of Afghan-American soccer since the 1980s. Kamran jaan gives us his take on women’s soccer, the recent fight at a soccer tournament in VA, the World Cup, and what makes Afghan soccer unique. 

WTSN: Performing Womanhood

This episode is the audio from an online panel of our most recent Women of TSN (WTSN) discussion on Performing Womanhood. In this conversation the panelists talk about Wedding Season. Engagements. Handling Ramadan Politics. to the series, sharing who their women crushes are. You also get to listen to them handle some dude trolling online as the conversation is happening live. 

Look at Those Hijabis!

In this episode recorded after Nowroz, Nura shares her experience speaking at the Afghan-American Conference about wearing hijab in the Afghan community. We move on to discuss a little TSN history on our third anniversary. Then we discuss our most recent TSN panel, "The Black Card" about Afghan-Americans and their connection to Black culture. And of course, we end with a little bit of Yeezus.