Afghan-American Playbook: Funerals & Fatyas

What do styrofoam cups and Costco runs have to do with funerals? Join TSN for the kick-off of their new series, 'The Afghan-American Playbook', a part of the TSN podcast that focuses on the different ways Afghans in the U.S. navigate cultural rituals & traditions.

In the inaugural episode, Nura and Diz co-host and talk funerals and fatyas. The grief, the cultural practices and the chaos Afghan families bring to the process. They are joined by Dr. Iman Ahmad-Sediqe, a sociologist and ethnographer from Northwestern University. Iman discusses her fieldwork on Northern California Afghans, offering insight to the cultural and religious meanings of the grieving process, while Dawoud walks us through the story of a recent funeral in his family, including the styrofoam cup controversy.